Paul McNeil. Goofy/Natural

Paul McNeil. Goofy/Natural

 In 2018, we handed over the reins to Byron based artist Paul McNeil to design his own skeg.

What resulted was a play on the war between goofy and natural footers on the NSW North Coast - an area cursed with right-hand points (or blessed depending on which way you stand).

A very limited number of these fins were created. Exclusively from Alkali, each fin is packaged with an original hand painted box from Paul.
A true collectors fin from Alkali and Paul McNeil.

Much thanks to Nate Foster for the beaut images and video edit. 

"The template is bold in its attempt to confuse the local shark population into snacking elsewhere." -McNeil


Natural Goofy with Paul McNeil from Alkali Fins on Vimeo.