Big Sky Sunrise Collection

Big Sky Sunrise Collection

Featuring the unique colours of the Hawaiian Sunrise Shell.

Alkali is proud to be working once more with Andrew Kidman and Big Sky Limited with a collection of three fin templates that suit a variety of boards.

The Big Sky fins come from a healthy knowledge of design, passed along through craftsmen who understand how to merge the elements of fin and board design elements. 

This is not a stagnant project - through testing, we will continue to adjust and progress the designs even further.

This collection is cut and hand-foiled from laminated fibreglass/resin panels like all our fins. This means that you can sand out any damage from rocks, reefs or speed bumps. We also encourage you to customise the fins to your liking; by foiling them down to a smaller size, thinning out the tip for more flex, or altering the outline. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Even minor adjustments can make a massive difference to the performance of the fin, and you’ll learn a heap about fin design along the way.

Double Foiled Twin and Keel

The Twin Keel and High Aspect Twin both feature a double foil.

Basically, this allows the water to wrap around the fin as the fin travels through the water, similarly to the centre fin on a Thruster or Single Fin. The double foil helps stop cavitation in turning, as the water sucks around the fin rather than breaking off the edge of the flat inside surface. This gives the surfer more control and stops the fin from breaking free in the turn. It's a smoother feeling.

“I don't see any point in having a single foiled twin fin, and that's just my opinion. They're fast, but they slip - I can't stand that feeling of slip when I'm trying to hold the board in the water at max speed through a carve. If you want to have smooth control, double foiled is the go. With these fins, you have more control and a smaller profile to keep the speed.” Kidman