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Josie Prendergast's signature fin in a new colourway.

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Of the four samples selected from our library to help Josie Prendergast develop her signature fin, her first pick turned out to be her favourite.

In fun surf at The Pass with fins laid on the sand, a traditional dolphin shape caught her eye and became the measure for everything else she tried. After two days, countless rides and tweaks to outline and foil - the Josie fin was born. Modified from an old Mick Dooley template, the Josie Fin is a reliable and versatile fin for most longboards.

A reasonably upright base with an even rake allows smooth turns and noserides. We shaved some area from the top half of the template and foiled out the tip to loosen turns a little.

Ideal for smaller and lighter surfers and anyone looking for a dependable fin without too many surprises.

BASE: 180mm/7.1"
DEPTH: 254mm/10"