Alex Lopez Single

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Alex Lopez shares his heirloom single fin template with Alkali

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We first reached out to Alex Lopez for a potential collaboration based on our shared love of quality craft and evergreen designs, regardless of the current trends. Together we came up with a balanced 7.75" single fin drawn from a classic but relevant template. 

Suitable for a wide range of templates, Alex's fin has a moderately upright rake, allowing tight turns, with a broad base to offset that looseness and provide drive off the bottom.

The three-tone panel layup was a copy of an old Brewer-style fin we have had lying around the factory for years, which we are stoked to bring back to life.

"This template is based on the classic 70's single fins and one of my dad's favourites that he rode for many years. Wide base with not a lot of rake, this one offers slightly more flex than the original. I like to ride it in single fins and eggs in the mid 7' to 8' range." - Alex Lopez

Get your hands on one of Alex Lopez's beautiful hand-shaped keepers here.

DEPTH: 197mm/7.75”
BASE: 138mm/5.4”