Album Quad

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A split keel style quad set that pairs well with any quad, quad fish or split-keel surfboard.

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Album Surfboards have created some of the most fun surfboards in recent time. Shaper/designer Matt Parker has an eye for pleasing aesthetics, which he puts to good use with some of the most original tints, pigments and matte/gloss combos.

The Alkali x Album collaboration offers a variety of fin clusters to match Album’s most popular models.
All the fins feature a sleek, raked-back design, encouraging high-speed surfing with low catch and friction - ultimately allowing the surfboard to do more of the work unhindered.

Available as a Twin, Quad or Tri-fin Asymmetric set. Mix and match these fins to suit whatever you’re riding.

Mix and match the front and rear fins with other models to tune in different boards. One of our crew swears by his wide-tail fish with a cluster of Album quad rears and Alkali Small Twins at the front.

130mm / 5.15"
DEPTH: 131mm / 5.15"
FOIL: Side Foil
SYSTEM: Futures compatible

102mm / 4"
DEPTH: 117mm / 4.6"
FOIL: 80/20 Foil 
SYSTEM: Futures compatible