Album Twin

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Super-sleek twin fins that are built for speed. For down the line point breaks and small wave summer sessions, this set will have you smiling.

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Album Surfboards have created some of the most fun surfboards in recent times. Shaper/designer Matt Parker has an eye for pleasing aesthetics, which he puts to good use with some of the most original tints, pigments and matte/gloss combos.

The Alkali x Album collaboration offers a variety of fin clusters to match Album’s most popular models.
All the fins feature a sleek, raked-back design, encouraging high-speed surfing with low catch and friction - ultimately allowing the surfboard to do more of the work unhindered.

Available as a Twin, Quad or Tri-fin Asymmetric set. Mix and match these fins to suit whatever you’re riding.

BASE: 146mm / 5.75"
DEPTH: 146mm / 5.75"
FOIL: Side Foil
SYSTEM: Futures compatible