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Never one to follow trends, surfer and shaper Dave Parmenter is a true original in the world of surfboard design.
Single Fin
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The versatility of the Widowmaker set means you can enjoy it in a wide range of boards and configurations. The intended use is a single with two sides, with fin placement true to Dave's original specifications. However, the single fin on its own is a doozy and will offer drive and stability in most single fin boards.

In the '80s, when thrusters became the norm, Parmenter was left yearning for the speed and drive that a single fin offered, yet he admired the thruster’s versatility. Dave wanted the best of both worlds. 

This led to a re-think of Terry Fitzgerald's 'Drifta 'model boards — Parmenter toyed with the placement and size of three fins and formed the basis of the Widowmaker setup. It's in this reconfiguration that is Dave's genius.

Andrew Kidman helped bring this collaboration to life through both his friendship with Parmenter and his love for surfboards that suit the Widowmaker setup. 

"Dave Parmenter introduced me to his Widowmaker design in the early 90s and opened up realms in surfing that I'd never considered before. Over the last 20 odd years, Dave and I have gone back and forth on the Widowmaker design, tweaking the fin shapes to where we find it today. Dave has shaped me several boards ranging from 6'1 to 8'6" that featured the Widow Maker set up. Some of the boards have had channels, and some of them have had a slight vee running out the tail. I also find that the centre fin by itself works great in a pintail, or in a wider tail board with channels."  Andrew Kidman.

SINGLE FIN BASE: 155mm / 6.1″ 
SINGLE FIN DEPTH: 177mm / 7″
SIDE FIN BASE: 85mm / 3.3″
SIDE FIN DEPTH: 83mm / 3.3″