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With a perfect balance of drive and release, this may be the most versatile and practical single fin template ever.

Extra-wide base with a refined and flexible tip that is noticeably looser through the last third. Balanced curve through the leading edge with a more upright trailing edge.

The George creates a smoother feeling through turns than more upright templates like the Alkali Hull Flex. There is drive and hold in powerful waves, but in smaller surf can feel loose and reactive.

We recommend the George for surfboards with medium to wide tails, as it will help control the board and initiate direction changes at speed.

Some people enjoy pairing The George with side bites as part of a two-plus one setup, which is great to hear. From our experience, the fin has so much drive and control that it will work best as a stand-alone single.

George Greenough is a true pioneer and legend in the world of surfboard fin design. His development of kneeboard fins in the 1960s enabled him to find new places on the wave.

Greenough's commitment to speed and drive kept him decades ahead of most in the surf world for decades. Many of his templates hold true today, and most "modern" fins have a direct lineage from George's master templates.

One of the most all-around perfect fins Greenough developed was the 4A. The shape works across multiple sizes and in various board designs with a broad base, heavy rake, and a nicely rounded tip.
With George's blessing, Alkali's original master-foiler, Phil Way, adapted his own version of the magic template in the late '90s. The George has been a staple in our fin range with a few slight tweaks to bring a little more drive for the extra power Australian waves produce.

From Matt Warshaw's Encyclopedia of Surfing
The slightly built Greenough (5' 9", 135 pounds), regarded for decades as the surf world's most beloved eccentric, will go for months without wearing shoes and sometimes uses a length of rope for a belt. Often monosyllabic, Greenough can also launch into droning and highly technical one-sided conversations. He's also earned a reputation for being genuine and altruistic. "George will spend months finding the solution to a design problem."

8.25" 7" / 180mm
9.25" 8" / 200mm
10" 8" / 205mm