Classic Twin / Clear [SECOND]

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With a nod to the great Mark Richards, The Classic Twin is fast and loose, offering all the dynamics of an authentic twin fin experience.

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This fin is considered by our hard-marking team as a "second."
The images here are only for reference, and each fin defect may differ slightly from the photos shown. 
Typical issues are purely minor cosmetic issues and will mostly go unnoticed once on the board.
The images shown are also the worst examples, so we predict that you'll be pleasantly surprised at how good the fins are when they arrive.
Unfortunately, we cannot offer returns or refunds on these fins, so please reconsider purchasing if you are a super picky shopper.

Defects on this fin may include: 

  • Small scratches
  • Air bubbles
  • Uneven lines due to the fiberglass panel layup
  • Resin colour bleeds or small drips

The large template has enough rake and tip area to hold through turns but releases smoothly to maintain speed at all times.   

This fin template is a trusted favourite worldwide. Designed to suit a wide range of craft, from channelled twin pins, wide tail fish, and even small wave performance craft.

For a little more hold, a rear stabilizer would also fit nicely with this set.

BASE: 150mm
DEPTH: 145mm 
FOIL: Side Foil
SYSTEM: Futures compatible