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Small Twin – Glass-On // Sunburst

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With the revival of channel bottom twins and longer rail lines, the call for a smaller template than our Classic Twin was heard. 

Our Small Twin is still true to the MR style outline, but shrunken a little to let the board flow faster through turns and allow the rail to do its thing. 

We’ve also given the small twin an inside foil, meaning a less grabby feeling off the top and and a smoother feeling down the line.
For a little more hold and drive, a small rear stabiliser fin can still be added.

Stiff base with fine tip for the kind of responsiveness that only true fibreglass fins can provide.
Highest quality 6 oz. fibreglass cloth and resin.

3-tone Sunburst Tint.

128mm / 4.8″
DEPTH: 140mm / 5.5″
CANT: 6 deg.


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