//Bug Thruster

Bug Thruster

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Base: 115mm/4.6" Depth 120mm/4.7"

The Bug 3 draws inspiration from Al Byrnes thruster templates along with Beau’s love of wide based fin designs.
The width in the base offers a lot of drive and stability, whilst the more upright and narrow tip controls release while still maintaining speed out of turns.

“I’ve been using these fins in my boards for a while now, and loved it in my wide 5’6” round square tail all the way through to my standard short boards. I’ve also been adjusting the centre fin back or forward slightly to add more drive or more release depending on conditions.”

Drawing strongly from past and present fin concepts, the Bug3 is a perfect option for hard and fast shredding.

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Weight 0.235 kg
Fin Dimensions

Base: 115mm/4.6"
Depth 120mm/4.7"


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