Corey Munn - Stage1 [SECOND]

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With a broad base, even leading-edge rake and a thin, flexy tip - this fin has all the elements of a perfect all-rounder.

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This fin is considered by our hard-marking team as a "second."
The images here are only for reference, and each fin defect may differ slightly from the photos shown. 
Typical issues are purely minor cosmetic issues and will mostly go unnoticed once on the board.
The images shown are also the worst examples, so we predict that you'll be pleasantly surprised at how good the fins are when they arrive.
Unfortunately, we cannot offer returns or refunds on these fins, so please reconsider purchasing if you are a super picky shopper.

Seconds fins are not authorised for re-sale through websites or stores. 

Defects on this fin may include: 

  • Small scratches
  • Air bubbles
  • Uneven lines due to the fiberglass panel layup
  • Resin colour bleeds or small drips
  • Uneven foil lines


Cory Munn is a rare specimen. Although he is known for being a good shaper, the fact that he handles every stage of production on his boards, including shaping, glassing, and sanding - puts him in a small group of do-it-all surfboard makers. Fin making has also been a part of Corey’s process, and he knows his stuff, so it was a pleasure to work with him on a few fins that would suit the kind of longboarding he loves.

The Corey Munn Stage1 Fin. With a broad base, even leading-edge rake and a narrow tip - this fin has all the elements of a perfect all-rounder.

"This fin feels best in my higher rocker, foiled out longboards like the ‘PLEASURE PIN’ and enhanced the lively, agile, faster feelings I’ve always preferred in longer boards more akin to boards in the 7’-8’ range. Trying to edge away as much as possible from ‘pivot’ and engage rail line through driving turns, on a larger wave face this fin has done really well with the stiffer thick forward foil providing good drive in this lower volume template and not having slip issues. This has been my go to fin for all conditions I’d ride 9’ plus single fin boards in." - Corey Munn 


BASE: 200mm / 7.9"

HEIGHT: 258mm / 10"