DVS Thruster - Large

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DVS's original large template, for wider tails and big boards.

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Dick Van Straalen is one of Australia's most innovative and creative shapers and an absolute Gold Coast icon.
Alkali has a long-standing relationship with DVS, making him fins under the Fluid Foils label with Phil Way at the helm since the early days.

If you ever get a chance to order a board from Dick, don't miss the opportunity to drop by his factory and meet with the legend himself. A humble, positive, witty, eccentric legend of the Australian surfing culture.

This thruster is one of Dick's original thruster shapes, and has served him well for years. All fins are the same size, with a well balanced rake and foil. 

A great fin for wider tail boards, where the fin size will help control the board and loosen your turns. Bigger surfers will also find this fin to their liking. 

BASE: 122mm
DEPTH: 122mm
FOIL: Side Foil 
BASE: 122mm
DEPTH: 122mm
FOIL: Centre Foil 
SYSTEM: Futures compatible