//Bug Thruster Release

Bug Thruster Release

For the past 6 months, Beau Foster has been coming into the factory and playing with some thruster templates to compliment the boards he’s been shaping. It’s great to see good surfer shaping for himself and learning the craft, ignoring the allure an array of top dog shapers at your disposal can bring.
Surfer/shapers are the guys we like to deal with most, they bring new ideas to the table and the results – good or bad – are discovered quickly when no 9-5 allows multiple surf per day. Beau drew on influence from the iconic Al Byrne thruster template along with a few others he liked. From his original concept, a few minor tweaks were all it took to get the Bug3 dialled in.
Bug has been on a travel binge this year, and these fins have been tested in some quality waves all across the Australian coast.
The Bug3 aesthetic was inspired from the mess in our factory. The logo was a font sheet stuck on the wall with resin. The green colour came from a 20 year old thruster off cut we had lying around the factory. The carbon inlay is a jab at the moulded, injected crap that companies try to flog off as high tech. Real performance fins are foiled from laminated fiberglass panels, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Filmed by Tom Jennings
Edited by Josh Simpson
Track by Solid Effort


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